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August SpecialsAugust 10-31


Turkish Bean Salad 3.5 White beans with red onion, red pepper, and Mediterranean spices. Served chilled with a lemon and virgin olive oil dressing. GF, VGN, VG

Red Pepper Ezme 7.5 Roasted red pepper mixed with Greek yoghurt and garlic. Served with warm pita. GF, VG


Aegean Platter 12 O&G Hummus, Green Bean Salad, Giant Bean Salad, Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Şakşuka (pan-sautéed vegetables), and warm pita bread. GF, VGN, VG

Mediterranean Platter 13 Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Börek (fried feta and filo), Greek Salad, Stuffed Portobello, and O&G Tzatziki with warm pita bread. VG

Land & Sea Platter 15 Mini Lamb Trio (mini Köfte "meatball" mini Adana kebab, mini lamb skewer), breaded Aegean-Style Calamari, Greek Salad, and O&G Tzatziki with warm pita bread. Add grilled shrimp, 2.


Alinazik 18 One of Paola’s favorites. Home-style, Turkish dish from the Gaziantep Province in south-central Turkey. Made from smokey, roasted eggplant mixed with Greek yoghurt. Topped with cubed seasoned braised beef and served with warm pita bread.